Music Director

Dale Marzewski



President: Laura Hogan

Vice President:  Dayna Britton

Treasurer:  Chris Niblock

Secretary:  Patty Johnson

Trustee - Membership: Sue Neff

Trustee - Library:  Marge Patterson

Trustee-  Social Media:  Alyssa Hogan

Trustee - Operations: Katie Bondie



Librarian: Lisa Klink

Concert Programs and Posters: Georgie Kirsten

Website Administrator : Scott Richardson

Sponsorships and Donations: Kelly Detter

Social Media

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How can you become a member of the LCCB?  Come to a rehearsal!  You might think that, since you haven’t played your horn in a while, you can’t pick it up again.  Not so!  Bring your instrument to a rehearsal  and we’ll set you up with music so that you can give it a try and see if the LCCB is right for you.

We believe that the LCCB is for everyone’s enjoyment, and we don't require auditions to participate.  High school students are welcome to participate with permission of the director and/or board.

The LCCB is a not-for-profit organization and depends solely on donations and ticket sales to cover our expenses: rental of rehearsal and concert space, purchase of music, funding of our scholarship program, and so on.  We ask that members pay yearly dues of $35.00. The $35.00 membership fee will be due regardless of when you join the group or the number of sessions that you participate in during the year. Students are exempt from paying the membership fee.  Please note that monetary donations are tax deductible.

Please click HERE for a list of meeting minutes and HERE for the LCCB Handbook.


Please click <span style="color:#c0392b;">HERE</span> for a list of upcoming rehearsals.

We require members to attend a minimum of 4 rehearsals each session to be eligible to participate in a concert.

So that the ensemble may get the most out of rehearsal, please give yourself enough time to put your instrument together, warm up, and get settled before the official start time.

If you take home music, PLEASE bring it back.  You are welcome to leave your folder at rehearsal with someone else in your section or with the director, if you aren’t sure if you will attend the next time.  It's unfortunate when the band cannot play a piece because one critical part is missing.

Fall-Spring Season

From September to May, there are generally four concerts: Fall, Holiday, Winter, and Pops.  Leading up to each concert is a series of 6-8 rehearsals.  Attendance is taken at each rehearsal so that the Concert Program can correctly credit the players participating and so that we have the most current names in case of an emergency.  For the integrity of our performances, we ask that players attend at least 4 rehearsals leading up to a concert.  Rehearsals are held at Highlander Way Middle School in Howell on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:30pm.  Chairs and stands are provided.

Concert dress is black or dark suit with white shirt and dark tie for gentlemen and all black for women.

Summer Season

Most rehearsals and all performances during the summer season take place outdoors.  With that in mind, you will need a stand, chair, and something to keep your music from blowing away (clothes pins, plexiglass sheet, wind clips).  It’s not a bad idea to bring bug spray, sunscreen, and sunglasses as well.  Summer Season events will take place at various locations throughout Livingston County. Please check back in May for the complete Summer Schedule.

Summer concert dress is a light blue band logo polo shirt (or your own light blue shirt) and dark pants or shorts.  Shirts are available for for purchase during each summer event.